The Powerful Free Antidote to Discouragement

The Powerful Antidote to Discouragement


Do you ever find yourself feeling discouraged? Like none of your efforts seem to be getting any traction at all, despite all of your hard work? You’re not alone. 

I want to encourage you.  The uneasiness you feel about your life is actually a healthy indicator that you care about a very important thing- making a difference.   That is an amazing quality that sets you apart from the masses who are content to sit by and just let life happen to them.

Chances are, you have a deep desire inside to be a difference maker.  To leave your mark on this world.  To live fully and not just exist.  To use your talents and skills to help others.  You are a rare gem.  You will succeed because that voice inside you that says you need to do something meaningful with your life just won’t be quiet until you do.

There is one way to ensure your success. 

Don’t Ever Quit.

As long as you keep believing you have something valuable to offer this world and you keep working every day toward contributing that something, you cannot fail.   

The Antidote to Discouragement

In the meantime, I have an antidote to discouragement.  There is something small you can do today to move you toward your goal of making a difference.  It will cost you nothing.  It will impact you deeply and it will have a lasting effect on someone else.  Are you ready for it?

Be an encouragement. 

Encouraging others is the best way to get out of our own heads and instantly diminish our own discouragement.  Part of the reason we are discouraged in the first place is that it can feel like what we are doing has no meaning or purpose because we are not seeing the results of our efforts.   There is great purpose in encouragement and the results of your encouragement are instant.  Life is hard.  The days are long and the years are short and so many people often spend their hours trudging along hoping that what they do matters.   There is so much power in a simple word of encouragement.

3 Ways to Encourage Someone Today

Write a note of encouragement

It can be a text message, email or a handwritten note but take the time to write something personal to someone who has impacted you or helped you or inspired you in any way.  Be specific about what they did and let them know how positively it affected you.

Take Notice

Many of us are longing just to be seen.  To feel known.  To be noticed.  If you see something beautiful in someone else, take notice and tell them.  It could be anything from the way they handled a problem to the cheerful way they greeted you or the lovely shoes they put on this morning.  If you see something good, say it.

Shine a Light

Public praise is one of the most amazing ways to encourage someone.  If someone has done something great, brag about them to others.  Post something about their awesomeness on social media and tag them.  If you worked on a project with them where their performance made an impact, write a note to their boss highlighting the great job they’ve done.  Don’t forget the people in your life who made you who you are, they deserve your encouragement.

In Summary

You are not alone.  Your discouragement is an indicator of your deep-seated quest to make a difference.  The antidote for your discouragement lies within you, that is the power of your words to encourage others.  There is great purpose in encouragement.  Take the time today to encourage someone who has made a difference in your life and see how instantly you can feel better.

Keep your head up and keep going!

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