After graduating from Pepperdine University, I began a 20 year media career that spanned Film production, Television and ultimately digital. I helped advertisers build their brands across the likes of Huffington Post, AOL, Engadget, TechCrunch & MSN.

In 2003, I married a Pastor of a local Christian Church and became involved in helping people find their purpose, untangle their relationships and find peace & joy in serving others.

In 2011, I started a blog called All Things GracefulĀ as a creative outlet to document my family adventures and fell in love with blogging.

In the Summer of 2017, I launched Honey & Figs as a place to offer people ideas and processes to live more abundantly. Here you will find practical ways to BE your best self, GO explore the world, PLAN your goals and DO something great.

Feel free to reach out to me at lisa@honeyandfigs.com. Thank you so much for reading!

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