3 Ways To Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird

3 Ways to Love Your Neighbor

DODo you know your neighbors? It’s an unusual thing to know who your neighbors are in Los Angeles.  As Angelenos, we either live in suburbs where we simply wave at our neighbors as we drive into our garages every night or we live in apartment buildings where we typically only talk to our neighbors when the music is so loud …

Why Super Bowl Sunday is More Meaningful Than You Think

Why Superbowl Sunday is More Meaningful Than You Think

DOI am a woman. I am an introvert.  I am not an avid football fan. Why do I love Super Bowl Sunday? I thought about this and wondered what does the effect of the Super Bowl have on our overall well-being? I found that this big game is actually pretty meaningful. Our Need For ConnectionWhen we’re kids we make friends …


How You Can Achieve Your Dream Life


DOAre you where you want to be in life? Do you feel like you should have been further along by now? Are there dreams you had set for yourself that you have not yet realized? My aspirational word for this year is DREAM.  It is my word because I have so much inside of me that is awakening once again.  …


How To Give The Most Precious Gift

How To Give The Most Precious Gift

DOGive BackThe Most Precious Gift You Can Give This Season is your time.  Time is your most valuable commodity because you only have so much of it.  It’s much easier to give money away because you can always make more, but you cannot make any more time than you are given in a single day.   IF TIME IS THE MOST …

How Your Most Beloved Christmas Traditions Came To Be

How Your Most Beloved Christmas Traditions Came to Be

DOGive Back Did you ever wonder why we bring Christmas trees into our homes and put lights on everything at Christmastime?  Or what Santa has to do with Christmas? Christmas is my favorite time of year because it’s like the whole world gets invited to the same party and so many respond to the invitation to celebrate, stores included! Regardless …


How To Find Peace and Meaning in Cleaning

DO “Find my purpose? Yeah right, in all my spare time? Maybe in 20 years I will have the time to find my purpose and explore life’s meaning but for now I’m up to my ears in this never-ending cycle of housework.”  Is that how you feel?  I can relate. I am usually a very productive person, after all I …


How To Find The Perfect Gift Every Time

How to Find the Perfect Gift Every Time

DODo you often find yourself stocking up on gift cards last minute for the holidays because you can’t think of what to get for your friend or family member? And then there’s always the classic conundrum for that one person on your list- what do you get for the person who has everything? Gift giving is a human tradition that …